EVs deliver exceptional reliability over the long run and can be an ideal venture for drivers searching for a cost-effective and more productive means to get somewhere. Like conventional petrol and diesel cars, the cost of purchasing an electric car differs based on the manufacturer, brand, specifications, and class of the automobile. Additionally, as the price of an EV can be equivalent to other comparative petrol or diesel vehicles, the expense of operating an EV is considerably lower, especially over the entire course of a lifetime. Also, fully electric vehicles have no emissions, rendering them greener, safer, and more environmentally efficient than petrol or diesel vehicles.

On the other hand, as automotive companies seek to produce an ideal battery, Tritium has produced a Modular Scalable Charging platform that provides its clients the ability to boost their battery’s power energy level. As technological EV advances, more features continue to revolutionize the automobile sector. Previously, customers complained about EV’s ability to expand its charging level without replacing the vehicle or changing the model of the car. Tritium has addressed the issue, thus becoming the first EV company to level up the charging system.

Also, Tritium announced its next-gen RTM75 DC, which adds 75 kilometers in 10 minutes. Consumers were concerned about the effects of fast charging on the battery life, but the company has assured that the fast charging doesn’t affect the battery life but only reduces the charging time. The Tritium CEO, Jane Hunter, emphasized that since the onset of EVs’ innovation and manufacture, customers have been asking for ways to level up the EV cells; thus, Tritium is the first company to offer such a service. Jane further added that the MSC is capable of leveling 50kW DC charger to 75kW and above. Additionally, she stated that the upgrade does not require replacement.

According to Tritium, the MSC platform enables the company to launch and install current products quickly. The company targets to launch new features quarterly, thus meeting the clients’ needs like fleet depot, customer service, and segments. Conversely, Tritium partnered with its clients to innovate a scalable option for the public and retail for easy and quick access to the platform.  For example, the RTM75 is capable of charging two EVs concurrently on different sides. Also, the RTM75 incorporates CCS and CHAdeMO hence meeting the requirements for 920V batteries. An extra feature is the inbuilt Plug and Charge that eradicates credit cards since the client can transact through installed charging cables.   

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