The Commercial Spacecraft Federation (CSF) head stated that her first mission is to identify the next president for the federation and the restructuring of several regulations concerning companies’ membership in an organization. Members of the CSF revealed their selection of Audrey Powers as the new chair of the federation. Audrey has been a vice chief of Blue Origin and will be ascending to Taber MacCallum’s position in two years.

Audrey Powers admitted that the chief executive of CSF, Eric Stallmer, approached her a few weeks in connection to her selection as the federation chair. She expressed her satisfaction in her election, explaining that she is ready to deliver in this sector. Her first objective as the federation chair is to find the replacement for Stallmer, who will be vacating the chief executive position before November. Stallmer will be entering Voyager Space Holdings to lead to success after it acquired other satellite companies.

Various candidates are submitting their details, and Audrey’s objective is to identify the most suitable candidate for the job. The federation has been planning the shift to new leadership once Stallmer is out of the equation. Nevertheless, the current chief will be active until a new leader assumes office. Failure to elect the new president will imply that his vice will remain in power while receiving support from the staff.

Audrey stated that they are reorganizing the regulations for the election of a new chief executive. She added that they are looking for a candidate who can bring together the member companies with diverse membership under one head. The Commercial Spacecraft Federation has exceeded the number of companies it hoped would be under its leadership. Audrey explained that their members range from universities, space companies, satellite developers to other companies in the same industry.

Audrey submitted that the organization is under siege to reorganize its commercial launches so that member companies in the same business line can relate. Other agencies are looking forward to partner with the CSF to receive recommendations for companies that can deliver perfect payloads. Audrey Powers has been strict on the amendment of the leadership transition policies. She thinks that this is the best alternative to obtain a new leader for the company.

The CSF has come under fire for having stringent measures that do not allow the quick transition of leadership while allowing the leaders to be in power for a short time. This confusion has attracted the Federal Communications Commission’s attention to intervene and ask the CSF members to reconsider the leadership policies. In conclusion, Powers is happy to chair the policies’ amendments to help the space industry grow and recover from the ongoing pandemic. The federation has also made some changes, with Richard DalBello and Richard Pruss being elected for the vice-chair and treasurer positions.

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