Every kind of energy has its advantages and disadvantages in the ecosystem. The decarbonization plan is to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy. This technology offers an affordable and sustainable energy production scheme. Nat Geo Wild intends to start airing a documentary entitled Photo Ark. This documentary is Joel Sartore’s photographer work, displaying the numerous species of wildlife inhabiting the ecosystem. The photographer has managed to create a wildlife scene with his amazing photographs depicting different species on Earth. He explained that the purpose of his project inspires the conservation of the environment and its inhabitants.

Mr. Sartore hopes that a view of the exciting species occupying Earth’s expanse can motivate human beings to stop their destructive processes that erase these species’ shelter. He explained that they are also taking videos of these species undergoing biological development into what they become to prove the essence of conserving the environment. Mr. Sartore thinks that this is the ideal strategy to appeal to the subconscious of ruthless humanity, who unknowingly devalues the ecosystem trying to obtain energy. Satore has been displaying and featuring in videos and TV programs advocating for preserving the species that face extinction.

The photographer believes that the energy industry will eventually shift to renewables, regardless of what happens. He views this switch as dynamic economically and technically. Sartore’s understanding of renewables’ transition is that people would move to other areas utilizing renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. The existing challenge for households with access to renewable energy is that they still depend on fossil fuels to power their transportation means.

The photographer agrees with the transition to green energy, stating that it will revitalize the environmental activities that were wearing out due to emissions resulting from fossils. Sartore explained that the novel coronavirus outbreak rejuvenated his desire to explore the environment and take a clear view of the ecosystem’s various species. He stated that he studied the freshwater aquatic species and ground insects to characterize their behavior in different circumstances.

Sartore advocates for installing solar infrastructure on rooftops rather than the development of turbines, which would require the clearance of vegetation to accommodate them. He hopes that the development of these infrastructures does not interfere with the habitat for various species. Some of the challenges associated with renewables include the death of marine life in hydropower systems and birds’ massacre by wind turbines.

Finally, Sartore hopes that the Photo Ark documentary can be an eye-opener in conserving the environment rather than destroying the ecosystem for renewable energy production. He desires to witness a society that motivates the survival of other species apart from human beings.

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